Monday, August 24, 2009

Baby Aspirin: The Fertility Wonder Drug?

I first heard about the use of baby aspirin and pregnancy through the TTC boards. I am not big on taking medicine, so didn't start popping pills myself. I know, shocking, since I am pretty much always looking for the quick fix to get pregnant.

At my consultation with the fertility doctor 2 weeks ago, she recommended I take a baby aspirin a day. She said that even though I had tested negative for the blood clotting disorder, there are some minor disorders that aren't tested and baby aspirin can help treat them. This is often recommended for people who have had unexplained, recurrent miscarriages.

I went to purchase the baby aspirin and found it doesn't exist anymore. I remember baby aspirin from my youth. I think Tylenol has cornered the baby pain market. I asked the pharmacist and she said I need a "low dose" or 81mg aspirin. It is a tiny pill and I started taking it daily with my vitamins.

I have done more research since leaving the fertility doctor and some studies suggest baby aspirin might actually help you get pregnant. Supposedly, baby aspirin increases ovarian activity and increased blood flow to the uterus. This creates a thicker and healthier uterine lining for the egg to implant in and allows more blood flow to help create placenta.

Here is more information on baby aspirin and fertility.,,midwife_46td,00.html

Please speak to your doctor before starting aspirin therapy.


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