Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Clearblue Fertility Monitor

A bunch of my friends have asked me to explain how the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor
works and if it is worth the money.

To understand the investment, it costs about $150 for the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor itself which should last you years and shouldn’t need replacement. Then you need to buy the Clearblue Easy Fertility Test Sticks. These come in a pack of 30 and they say that most women need 10 a month. I always need 20 because I had a long cycle. The machine will either ask you to use ten or twenty, but no other number. Therefore, I was buying 2 boxes every three cycles. They also tell you not to mix boxes, but I did and it worked. Also, once you get your first peak, you can stop using the sticks. It will automatically give you a second peak the following day, a high the day after that, and low fertility the days after until you finish your set of 10 or 20.

What makes the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor
different than conventional ovulation sticks (side note: I always recommend digital over regular because your need a PhD in hieroglyphics to decipher the lines on the regular ones) is the monitor measures two hormones, estrogen and LH. The regulation ovulation sticks just measure LH.

So what does all this mean?
· When your cycle starts, your estrogen level is low and there is just a trace of LH in your system. This would read as “low fertility” on the monitor, just one bar. At this point, you have little to no chance of getting pregnant.
· As you get closer to ovulation, estrogen levels increase, but the LH hasn’t surged yet. This is considered “high fertility” on the monitor and you will see two bars. It means your might be fertile, so your should seize the opportunity by doing the baby dance, or as they say in the baby-making biz, BD.
· The last thing your body does to gear up for the big day, aka ovulation, is release a surge of LH in your system. This is what generates a positive OPK (ovulation prediction kit) or a “peak” reading on the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor. This is designated by a beautiful egg in the third bar. When you get it, you will spontaneously break out into the happy dance and mandate your man to be amorous that night.

I had an interesting experience with the monitor and totally believe in it.

When I started using the monitor, my cycles were between 35 and 39 days. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to figure out when I ovulated. I believe the machine says it is effective up to 42 days. If your cycle is longer, I think you can beat the system by testing later (if this is a concern of yours, shoot me a comment and I can explain further).
The first day of your cycle, you set the monitor to day one. Be careful when you set it because when you press the button you are setting a 6 hour test window for that whole cycle. Miss this window and you can’t test that day. I made mine for 6am. That way if I had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night I would be covered starting at 3am and if I slept in on the weekends I would be within my window, up to 9 am. The first month it will ask you on day 6 to start peeing on a stick. Each morning you turn on the monitor, a test stick symbol shows up on the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor screen on the days it wants you to test.

After the first month, especially if you cycle is longer, it will start asking between days 9 and 11 for the first stick.

My first month, I didn’t get a peak at all. It could be because LH surges often take place in the afternoon and the monitor might have missed it. I think this is uncommon. The odd this is, I did ovulate because I got pregnant that cycle. If you read my earlier posts, you saw that I thought I had gotten my period, starting my next cycle, but in fact, I was pregnant. I honestly wouldn’t have known if the monitor on my second month hadn’t gone straight from low fertility to peak. The pregnancy hormone, HCG, can often mimic LH. This also happened with my second pregnancy.

After the miscarriage and the time off we took, I started using the monitor again. My peaks coincided with my temperature shift (which I documented on I found it to be very accurate.
The last time I used the monitor, I thought I would peak day 20 or 23 and I didn’t. I figured I didn’t ovulate that cycle. Finally on day 27, I got a peak and as a result I got pregnant. Had it not been for the monitor, we wouldn’t have been trying at all. The monitor was the only reason I got pregnant. Sadly, lost that one too, flipping fibroid.
If you are in a rush to get pregnant, nervous you might not be ovulating, have irregular cycles, it really might be worth the investment. I know the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor
gave me peace of mind.
Once we start trying again, I will absolutely use it.


  1. HI, how I' almost at the end of my cycle with the CBEFM...hoping to be pregnant, but how I re-start the monitor for the new month? Also, I think I set my window too early, how do I change it for the 2nd cycle. Thanks, Verushka.

  2. Each cycle you choose the next 6 hour timing window. On your first real day of your cycle (not just spotting), press and hold the m button until the number 1 appears and then release your finger. Just be sure to set it in the time window you want. Good Luck this month!

  3. Thank you so much, Verushka.

  4. Not only do I have to find out my peak fertility days I also have to KNOW for sure because I am using Dr. Shettles method in hopes to increase my odds of having a boy. This means my best chance is to BD on the day my egg is released(peak day) but when the monitor tells me Peak- do I assume that first peak day is the day or would it likely be the 2nd Peak day?? The reason I ask is bc the website says ovulation occurs 24-36 hours AFTER a peak reading.

  5. Sorry just saw this. The only real way to answer this is temping. I typically O on the day of the second peak. I know because I have a big temp drop the day before O and then my temps are all higher after O. Keep me posted on the Shettles Method. I wrote a post on it and would love some first hand feedback.

  6. I ordered this montior, but I am confused a bit as far as the 6 hour timing. So, when I push the M button to the day of my cycle, I should be pushing it "during" a time that I want the 6hour window? Just making sure! Thanks!

  7. Here is how it works. I wake up at 6am every day to take my temp. So at 6am I pressed my M button. That means for the entire cycle I will only be asked to POAS from 3am (3 hours before the m button was pressed) to 9 am (3 hours after the m button was pressed). For me 6am was ideal because if I really have to go in the middle of the night I can go and if I want to sleep in during the weekends, I am always out of bed before 9.

  8. Thanks for your response regarding ovulation and temping- it makes a lot of sense, I guess I just needed to hear it out loud for it to make sense,I'll certainly keep you updated on the Shettles method- Lets hope it works! Either way, we will be happy with a healthy baby boy or girl.

  9. I have a question....I thought you were supposed to pee on sticks around 2 p.m. for the best chance of picking up the lh surge??? Could that be why it missed yours the first month?

  10. The monitor specifically calls for first morning urine. It is true that the LH surge is more likely to come in the afternoon. I have had cycles that the monitor missed my surge and the OPK picked it up. But I am not sure if that was because I was having weak ovulation.

  11. I love this blog idea! My husband and I have one 2 year old and have been trying for 13 (maybe 14) months now. Frustrating, though you know all about that " ) I am grateful for the positive swing you put on your situation and on other's as well. It helps to see were not alone in our frustrations and yet there is still humor and postitive happiness " ) Thanks!

    I also have the monitor, I am liking it, though I have been using it now for months with no baby yet, though I KnOw that there were spermy in there at the time. We try not to use much if any lubricant, but do you think using that special pre seed stuff would be worth it?

  12. Thanks Bethany,I really appreciate the comment. As for the pre-seed, what do you have to lose. When people use it and get pregnant they attribute it to pre-seed. I am sure if they need a 2 hour handstand they would attribute it to that. Did you see the post about pre-seed? Here is the link.

  13. So how do you trick the machine if your cycle is longer then 42 days?

  14. im thinking about buying the monitor But do i have to keep buying those pricey Clear Blue pee sticks? or cud i use paper strips?

  15. You do have to use the clearblue easy sticks for the monitor. If your cycle is about 28 days, then a box should last three months. Also, check out the links on this site because I found some really good deals that are about $20 off retail. I totally think it is worth it and hopefully you won't need more than one box.

  16. thanks for this wonderful blog me & hubby have been ttc for 1 yr after a miscarriage using the IUI method,I wanted to try naturally for a while before we try another IUI, my period is a 35 to 39 day cycle, & after reading some negative reviews as well as positive ones about the monitor, your blog has assured me that buying one would be a good investment.

  17. I have started my machine at 6am for 4 days , this am I was sick, so it got turned on at 12noon, what now? thanks, NB

  18. Today is a wash, just turn it on tomorrow during your normal window and if it wants a stick it will ask for it. Good luck!

  19. The Clearblue Fertility Monitor is the most advanced home method of maximising your chances of getting pregnant.

  20. Hi, I am not sure if you still check your blog but if so pleeeaassee could you let us know how you trick the monitor. My cycle is 43 days so I am just outside the max window they recommend and I would be really grateful for some advice!
    Thank you

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  23. So how do you trick the machine if your cycle is longer then 4 days?

  24. If I did not get my period this month (took pregnancy test and negative), when would I start my testing for this cycle? I would hate to totally have to miss a cycle of using the fertility monitor and missing my ovulation just because I skipped a period this month. FYI...I think I ovulated anyway during the cycle even though no period because I got my egg on day 22. Was suppose to get period on cycle day 34 or so.

  25. I would reset the machine if you missed a period. Either wait to do this until you do have a period..or just reset to day one when you should have got your period.

    Also, if your cycle is longer tahn 42 days, I would add the extra days before I Start a new month in fertility monitor. For example if your cycle is 46 days, you could try and programe day 1 in the monitor when you are actually on day 4.

    I am not an expert on the fertility monitor - just stating my opinion..pls don't read this as a 'professional' opinion.

  26. Nice Posting!! Keep it up!!Main problem faced by women trying to conceive. It is necessary to know the RIGHT Day, RIGHT Time and RIGHT Way for conception…Now you can plan your pregnancy and you can choose your date and time of pregnancy as you like with Ovulation Kit.

  27. Ttc for 4 years.. always start period 28-29 days.. nought cbfm and on 2nd cycle ovulated at day 21-22 which I never knew I did so late.. missed period.. took hpt and it came out negative... 5 days late now.. still no period.. os it possible since I O so late it will take longer for hpt to read correctly? I have been trying since a miscarriage.. very confused right now.. someone please help :/

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