Monday, May 18, 2015

Can Essential Oils help with fertility?

When I was struggling to stay pregnant I went to a reflexologist, which is a similar concept to acupuncture.  She would always use essential oils.   I never asked why she used them. I thought it was for the fragrance.

In the last five months, I have discovered essential oils.  It all started after a winter where my boys and I passed cold after cold to each other.  I heard some friends talking about essential oils and how they help treat symptoms and ward off colds.

I thought it sounded liked some hocus-pocus, hippy approach.  As fate would have it, I got home that day and my 2.5 year old said he was really cold.  I felt his head and he was burning up with fever.  We had just gotten over the flu two weeks before.  I decided to order the Premium Starter Kit from
Young Living Oils and an oil my friend raved about called RC.

I have to say I was intimidated when the kit came.  But my results using have been amazing.  To name a few benefits, I treated Evan's ear infection without antibiotics.  The doctor confirmed he had an ear infection but was healing on its own and don't give the RX unless the pain comes back.  My kids have had probably twelve ear infections between them and his was the first time I was ever told not to start medicine right away.  I used Young Livings Purification and Lavender on the outside of his ears and down his neck.  I used thieves oil on his big toe to fight the infection.

When I got sick, I used RC and it stopped my runny nose and coughing for hours.  I used their Panaway blend when I hurt my shoulder and eased pain working minutes.  And like a moron,
I wiped out on my driveway taking out the garbage.  I seriously got road rash and was bleeding.  I made a mixture of oils to disinfect and soothe the pain and it helped tremendously.  I also realized my husband should be the one taking out the garbage.

I solved sleep issues for me and the boys with cedarwood and lavender.  And when I got back from taking Josh to the ER after a bloody injury, I used Stress Away to take the edge off.  It actually worked.  It sounds like what people say Xanax does.

Bottom line, everything I have tried to use the essential oils for has worked.
I keep hearing about an oil called Progressence Plus Serum.  It is supposed to help
women with fibroids (the bane of my conceiving existence), PMS, hormonal migraines, weight loss, and INFERTILITY.  

I wish I had known about Progressence Plus years ago.  I truly would have tried anything and Young Living Oils are organic and all natural.  Progressence Plus is derived from a particular yam. The application is one to two drops behind your neck each night before bed.  The recommend using at night because it can make you sleepy.  Sounds like it couldn't be easier.

Leave a comment if you have tried Progressence Plus to help with fertility issues.  I would love to hear if it helped you.

 If you want more info, here is the link.  I am happy to answers general questions about essential oils- it is my latest obsession.

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